Don’t Just Make a Film, Get People to See It!

Don’t Just Make a Film, Get People to See It!

Independent filmmakers often pour their blood, sweat, tears, and credit rating into a project. They finally finish it, and then wonder, “How are people going to see my movie?”

But distribution shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be something filmmakers consider at the very beginning of the process. Enter the Free Minds Film Distribution Guide and the Free Minds Film Distribution Seminars.

The Guide is packed with concise, practical information designed to help free market filmmakers make sense of the always changing, often overwhelming world of film distribution. Want to know how to begin to craft a distribution plan? Perhaps you’re looking for tips about attaching celebrities to your project. Maybe you’re wondering how to navigate Netflix, iTunes, theatrical distribution, film festivals, or video-on-demand.

If you’re interested in attracting larger audiences to your content, we invite you to check out the Free Minds Film Distribution Guide. It’s available for free.

The seminars and webinars are hosted by Courtney Balaker, Ted Balaker, and Matt Edwards of Korchula Productions, in collaboration with the Prometheus Institute. Korchula Productions is a Los Angeles-based film and new media production company devoted to making important ideas entertaining. Founding partners Courtney and Ted Balaker have produced for the likes of Dimension Films, Drew Carey, John Stossel, PBS, Oprah Winfrey, and Universal Pictures. The Prometheus Institute is a nonprofit policy organization dedicated to using pioneering technology to increase civic engagement, especially among younger generations. The institute’s latest venture is SimpleGov, a revolutionary way to harness technology to improve government accountability and transparency.

If you are a highly motivated independent filmmaker with a demonstrated interest in bringing free market ideas to screens big and small, we invite you to apply for the opportunity to join us and special industry-expert guests (who have distributed everything from low-budget indies to Academy Award-winning films) for our seminars.

Click here and apply to attend the next seminar.

And remember: Don’t just make a film, get people to see it!